Wirewound Resistors from the Isotek Corporation

Wirewound Resistors Available from Isotek Corporation Wirewound resistors from Isotek are available in many configurations and power ratings. These wireround resistors consist of wirewound elements packaged in extruded aluminum housings. They are available with standard and non-inductive windings. The ULH and ULV series carry both UL and TUV recognition.

With resistance ranging from 0.100 ohms to 2 Mega Ohms, Isotek's wirewound resistors are designed for applications with 25W to 1200W power requirements. Many applications require high wattages where space is scarce. As a result, they are compact in nature and their enclosure chassis are encased in good quality heat sinks. These wireround resistors are great in applications such as elevators, escalators, material handling and fabrication, jetways, hoists, cranes and mass transit. They are also ideal for load bank applications.

The ULH is available from 60W to 500W and the ULV is available from 60W to 1200W. Both are available with terminals or flying leads in a resistance range of 0.100 Ohms to 6.8 kOhms. Package sizes of 200W and larger can also be supplied with internal thermal protection circuits.

Dynamic Braking 400 W to 3000 W

The IRP series of wireround resistor assemblies are designed to handle power of up to 3,000 watts in free air. These packages are comprised of multiple resistors assembled into a rugged protective case. The base is made using zinc plated steel. The ventilated cover is made with powder-coated steel and is baked for durability.

Dynamic Braking 80 W to 400 W

The RA series of resistor assemblies are designed for use in power inverters and motor drives. These assemblies are based on our standard metal clad resistor technology. The resistors are enclosed in a powder coated steel case, which conforms to international safety specifications.

Dynamic Braking 60 W to 500 W (UL® Recognized)

The ULV (V=vertical) & ULH (H=horizontal) models are UL® recognized metal-clad, high power resistors designed for industrial drives and other applications. The rugged extruded aluminum housing provides electrical isolation and simple two-screw mounting. These models are available with flying leads or tab terminals and can be ordered with inductive or non-inductive windings. Packages 200W and larger are also availablewith internally mounted, UL listed, thermal protection circuits.

Dynamic Braking 50 W to 500 W (UL® Recognized)

The ULN and ULF models are wireround wire-wound, high-power, metal-clad low inductance resistors designed for industrial and other applications where space is at a premium and performance is a must. The extruded aluminum housing provides rugged and strong protection while the flat design allows for excellent heat dissipation. These models are supplied with flying leads. The most common applications for these models are motordrives, dynamic braking, snubber circuits and power sources for industrial equipment. Both models are recognized UL508 components.

Since 1989, Isotek has been building a solid reputation for quality wirewound power resistors and personal service. Backed by more than 25 years of sales experience and an expanded line, Isotek is now able to offer a wider range of solutions with cost-effective precision products.

Wirewound Resistors from the Isotek Corporation

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